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As you may all be well aware, on the evening of last night0r, BlakJak, aka Mark Foster, aka Foster Boy, aka Mark Foreskin-eyes, got da slapps!

Here is a transcript of the events, in chronological order, sorted by NZDT... <aka, ph33r the l0g>

[22:00] * moocow enters the room

[22:01] * moocow glances at BlakJak

[22:01] * BlakJak drops sacc0rs

[22:01] * moocow slaps BlakJak around with a large hook

[22:01] * moocow slaps BlakJak around with a back hand

[22:01] <BlakJak> That's it man, you're done.

[22:02] * d27 thinks.. .oO(What a fucking homo.)

[22:02] * c0r4z0n , our local hero, and token bisexual Maori, (as opposed to token blatant homo cross breed gook/Maori damie), steps in to defend an IRC entity, instead of grabbing some nuts, (pun not intended), and kicking it back enjoying the action.

[22:02] * BlakJak, in all urgency for fear of his scrawny life, dials 111 on his *cellular* (note not HAM Radio) phone.

[22:02] * d27 laughs in all seriousness at the look on the ugly cunt's face, and was not at all amused with c0r4z0n's attempts at being staunch, considering my half size.

[22:03] * BlakJak feels the pain

[22:03] * d27 laughs more, and raids the fridge.

[22:03] * moocow enjoys the attention, and BlakJak's pain.


So, in conclusion, we have the following information:

1. BlakJak's idea of "real life" does not extend far beyond being a nerd, with communications equipment, and does not understand the concept of "live and learn". He tends to believe society cares about his existance, and that his birth owes him the right of protection, well, wake up muthaphucka, you're ugly, NO ONE cares.

2. moocow has nice hair.

3. c0r4z0n is a bisexual "I can befriend everyone if I try hard enough" type freak.

4. d27 laughs. Alot. Nothing is serious.

5. rat has one ear.

6. Did I mention BlakJak was ugly?